NCSG Researchers Present Findings at TRB Annual Meeting

January 20, 2012

At the 91st Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting, NCSG researchers presented a number of papers as a part of findings from various studies. The authors of these papers include Sabyasachee Mishra, Timothy Welch, Fred Ducca, and Chao Liu:

Mishra, S., and Welch, T. (2011). A Joint Travel Demand and Environmental Model To Incorporate Emission Pricing For Large Transportation Networks. [report | TRB link]

Chakraborty, A., and Mishra, S. (2011). Land Use and Transit Ridership Connections: Implications for State-level Planning Agencies. [report | TRB link]

Welch, T., and Mishra, S. (2011). Travel Demand Mechanisms for Emission Reduction Strategies: A Case Study of Montgomery County in Maryland. [TRB link]

Weldegiorgis, Y., Mishra, S., and Jha, M.K. (2011). Comparing Driver and Capacity Characteristics at Intersections with and without Red Light Cameras. [report | TRB link]

Liu, C., and Ducca, F. (2011). Exploring Influence of Urban Form on Travel and Energy Consumption: Tour-Based or Trip-Based Analysis? [TRB link]

Ducca, F, Moeckel, R., Mishra, S., and Weidner, T. (2011). A Mega-region Approach to Planning for a High Energy Price Future. [report | TRB link]