Adequate Public Facilities Ordinances in Maryland: An Analysis of their Implementation and Effects on Residential Development in the Washington Metrop

The National Center for Smart Growth (2005)

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This report examines the relationship between local APFOs and Smart Growth implementation in Maryland. The overall purpose of the study is to determine whether, the degree to which, and reasons why, APFOs complement or frustrate development in Maryland’s Priority Funding Areas. This report addresses that issue through case studies of six (6) of the 13 counties in Maryland that have implemented APFOs. The six counties include Calvert, Charles, Frederick, Montgomery, Prince George’s and St. Mary’s. The case studies involved a) analysis of each jurisdiction’s APFO and its impact fee or excise tax policies (if any), and the APFO’s relationship to the local comprehensive plan; and b) interviews with county planners and with building industry professionals familiar with the county’s APFO.