Housing Strategies Group

Housing Strategies Group (HSG) is the most recent addition to the NCSG. It was established in 2010 to conduct housing policy research, while making connections to smart growth and sustainability.

The State of Maryland and the United States are experiencing significant demographic changes that will transform housing market demand and supply as the 21st century unfolds. Housing affordability, matching workforce housing with employment opportunities and expanding housing choices to meet changing lifestyles promise to remain important public policy issues with regional dimensions in the foreseeable future.

The “great recession” of this century’s first decade dramatized the importance of housing market issues. Rising foreclosure rates have had impacts on urban neighborhoods, redefining the meaning of housing affordability and raising social equity concerns. Smart growth and sustainability also require an increased emphasis on mixed-use, transit-oriented and more compact development, while matching housing choices with employment opportunity locations.

HSG is engaged in research, teaching and public education with respect to these issues, working with public agencies and non-profit organizations.

HSG Projects

Barriers to Development in Priority Funding Areas

HSG Research

Barriers to Development Inside Maryland's PFAs: Perspectives of Planners, Developers, and Advocates
Determinants and Effects on Property Values of Participation in Voluntary Cleanup Programs: The Case of Colorado
Exploring the Spatial Distribution of Low Income Housing Tax Credit Properties 
Residential consumption of gas and electricity in the U.S.: The role of prices and income

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HSG Faculty

Casey Dawkins, HSG Director and Associate Professor
Gerrit Knaap, NCSG Executive Director and Professor
Anna Alberini, Associate Professor
Chengri Ding, Associate Professor
Charles Towe, Researcher and Assistant Professor
Jae Sik Jeon, Ph.D Assistant