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Fourth Annual Open Planning Tools Group Symposium

Join the National Center for Smart Growth and Montgomery County Planning Department for the country’s leading work-session for scenario planning tool developers, researchers, and high-level users.

Forging a Strategy for Development along the Purple Line

COLLEGE PARK, MD—Officials from the State of Maryland and Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties have joined forces with the Purple Line Corridor Coalition (PLCC) and stakeholders to develop a Purple Line Community Compact. The compact will articulate a livability strategy designed to foster vibrant economic and community development for those who live and work along the 16-mile corridor. Leaders from community organizations, civic associations, business and labor associations, and others with a stake in the Purple Line corridor will have an opportunity to help develop the compact through two community workshops this fall.

Do Rail Transit Stations Encourage Neighborhood Retail Activity?

Learn about the result of a recent study by viewing a recording of this webinar from October 8. The presentation is by Jenny Schuetz from the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

Lombardo Webinar Cancelled

The Elena Lombardo webinar originally scheduled for October 15 has been cancelled.

Webinar on the Effect of Downzoning on Residential Development Patterns

The University of Maryland’s David Newburn led a webinar discussion on September 17 on the effect of downzoning on residential development patterns. View the recording online after the jump.