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Webinar on the Effect of Downzoning on Residential Development Patterns

The University of Maryland’s David Newburn led a webinar discussion on September 17 on the effect of downzoning on residential development patterns. View the recording online after the jump.

Moeckel Webinar Discuss Integrating Land Use and Transportation Models to Analyze Planning Policies

Join us online or in person Wednesday, September 10 at noon for a talk from Rolf Moeckel about integrating land use and transportation for analyzing planning policies.

Lombardo Webinar Rescheduled for October 15

Elena Lombardo will join the NCSG on October 15 to talk about the impact of cultural participation in creative and sustainable innovation processes.  Join us online or in person at noon.

Webinar: Warrington, Pennsylvania: A Green Infrastructure Approach to Leveraging Local Priorities

Join us online or in person Wednesday, October 29 at noon for a talk from Monica billig and Jennifer Cotting about Warrington, Pennsylvania and it’s green infrastructure approach to leveraging local priorities

High School Interns Assess College Park Streets

Participants in the NCSG’s third GIS summer internship program for high schoolers assessed the walkability of streets in College Park. The six-week program was coordinated by NCSG graduate assistant, Chelsie Miller.