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A Google Street View on the World

Online spatial tools and data offer powerful opportunities for social science and health research on neighborhood conditions. American University’s Michael Bader joined us on April 22 to show how Google Street View has been used to measure the walkability and physical disorder of neighborhoods across the country.

Education, Infrastructure and Affordable Housing Key to Maryland’s Economic Growth

A new report released by the National Center for Smart Growth states that while Maryland boasts a strong economic foundation, it must respond to 21st century challenges—like aging infrastructure, a diverse population and regional economic disparities—if it wants to ensure long-term economic success.

New Book Release: Planning for States and Nation-States in the U.S. and Europe

The newly released Planning for States and Nation-States in the U.S. and Europe, edited by NCSG Director Gerrit Knaap, Armando Carbonell, and Zorica Nedovic-Budic, investigates the role of the U.S. Federal Government and the European Union in planning, and compares land use and spatial planning structures in U.S. states and western European nations. The conclusions suggest trends toward the devolution of planning responsibilities from nation, states, and nation-states to lower levels of government.

New Studies: To Boost Jobs, Target Job Hubs

To stimulate economic development and job creation, the State of Maryland should target incentives to a few dozen urban and rural “employment centers” with the most economic potential and transportation infrastructure, recommends a pair of studies by the University of Maryland National Center for Smart Growth (NCSG).

A Green Infrastructure Approach to Leveraging Local Priorities

The Environmental Finance Center’s Monica Billig and Jennifer Cotting led a webinar on December 3, in which they highlighted Warrington, Pennsylvania and its green infrastructure approach to leveraging local priorities. Watch the webinar recording after the jump.