Past Projects

Makeover Montgomery 2 | Moving Forward Montgomery
Following the success of the original Makeover Montgomery conference in 2011, the NCSG partnered once again with the Montgomery County Planning Department and the Urban Studies and Planning Program at the University of Maryland to host a sequel focused on the future sustainability of America’s suburbs. The conference’s three main themes were: Transportation and TOD; Creative Use of Public Assets/Public-Private Partnerships; and Current Planning Trends.

Maryland Statewide Transportation Model
The NCSG, in cooperation with Parsons Brinckerhoff, (PB) has developed the Maryland Statewide Transportation Model (MSTM), an analytic tool designed to address issues beyond the coverage and capabilities of the two primary MPO models in the State of Maryland.

SEED Initiative
The SEED Initiative was created to promote and implement an equitable and sustainable economic development approach in PlanMaryland, the state’s first state development plan.

2013 Brownbag Webinar Series
The National Center for Smart Growth and the Maryland School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation organized a webinar series in 2013 that included nine presentations on topics ranging from 1950s architecture to blogging’s influence on planning.

STAR Project:  The Sustainable Transformation of the Appalachian Region
Working with local governments, civic organizations, and local residents in each Western Maryland county, the STAR project team identified the particular needs and opportunities for sustainable economic development in Western Maryland. The work included analysis of existing social, economic, and environmental conditions including housing, transportation, and critical infrastructure. 

Maryland Scenario Project
What would happen if further BRAC decisions continued to distribute jobs to the far corners of the state, if a second bridge connected Maryland’s Eastern and Western Shores, or if commuter rail were connected and extensive between the Baltimore and Washington metropolitan areas?

Barriers to Development in Priority Funding Areas
The Housing Strategies Group of the National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education conducted a study on the efficacy of Maryland’s Priority Funding Areas in focusing development. The findings of the study are based on responses to a telephone survey of forty-seven representatives from three key stakeholder groups—planners, policy advocates and consultants, and developers. 

Makeover Montgomery 
The National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education, the Montgomery County Planning Department and the Urban Studies and Planning Program at the University of Maryland, co-hosted Makeover Montgomery, a conference focused on sustainable strategies for suburban communities facing demographic shifts, changing housing preferences, and growing infrastructure costs.

Maryland Smart Growth Indicators Project
This project monitored Maryland’s performance through eight categories of growth indicators in order to make better progress toward smarter patterns of growth.  

Reality Check Plus
The NCSG and its partners developed and coordinated a series of regional growth visioning exercises conducted in four regions of the State of Maryland as part of an effort to engage the public in a dialog about future growth in the state.