Progress Reports

Progress Report 2010-2012

This report period witnessed continued Center expansion with the creation of two new subunits (the Housing Strategies Group and the Planning & Design Center) as well as several key new hires.  NCSG research and other projects continued to thrive as well.

Progress Report 2008-2010

The National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education at 10 years: a look at recent activity in the context of the Center’s first decade of operations.

Progress Report 2006-2008

Highlights the continued growth of the Center’s activities including the additions of the Environmental Finance Center and the Transportation Policy Research Group.

Progress Report 2005-2006

Building upon the previous 5 years of work, the Center emerged poised to help the new administration in Annapolis and the new Congressional leadership to expand knowledge and best practice in the field of smart growth.

Progress Report 2004-2005

The Center's second progress report covering a period of research and outreach that helped establish the Center as a leader in quantifying urban form. The Center advanced researchand outreach ranging from Montgomery County's planned Inter-County Connector to land use in China.

Progress Report 2000-2003

Covering the National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education's first three years of operations, this report summarizes the contributions made by the Center that helped establish it early on as an objective source for information on Smart Growth and land use issues.

Progress Report 2012-2014

At its core, the NCSG strives to create a more sustainable, vibrant and enhanced quality of life for communities across the globe. Since its establishment, the NCSG has worked to advance the notion that research, collaboration, engagement and thoughtful policy development hold the key to a smarter and more sustainable approach to urban and regional development. This is no more evident than in the projects the Center has spearheaded over the past three years.