Current Projects

SEED Initiative The overall objective of the NCSG and its partners is to integrate economic development within a larger sustainability agenda in ways that will be supported by government agencies, key business stakeholders, and large segments of the civic sector.

STAR Project Working with local governments, civic organizations, and local residents in each Western Maryland county, this project will identify the particular needs and opportunities for sustainable economic development in Western Maryland and ensure that those needs are incorporated in PlanMaryland.

Maryland Statewide Transportation Model In cooperation with Parsons Brinckerhof, the NCSG has developed the Maryland Statewide Transportation Model, an analytic tool designed to address issues beyond the coverage and capabilities of the two primary MPO models in the State of Maryland.

Barriers to Development in PFAs The Housing Strategies Group at the NCSG has interviewed stakeholders across Maryland to gain their perspectives on the effectiveness of Maryland's Priority Funding Areas and barriers to growth within PFAs.

Maryland Scenario Project
The NCSG is leading a long-range examination of alternative development trends, employing multisector modeling to explore scenarios for the state.

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