Sevgi Erdoğan, Ph.D.

Faculty Research Associate Sevgi Erdoğan
1112J Preinkert Fieldhouse
(301) 405-9877

Sevgi Erdoğan is Faculty Research Associate at the National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education at the University of Maryland. Dr. Erdoğan earned her B.S. in Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering, M.S. in Civil Engineering from Istanbul Technical University, and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Maryland. She also holds an M.S. degree in Operations Research from University of Delaware.

At the NCSGRE, Dr. Erdoğan will be involved in many projects including Maryland Scenarios Project and development of a prototype time-dependent person-based statewide transportation network for the state of Maryland. Dr. Erdoğan’s research is motivated by her interest in finding ways to guide changes in urban activity, land-use and transportation systems so as to achieve goals such as mitigating congestion and related externalities, reducing transportation energy use, and supporting sustainable development. Her research interests include network modeling and optimization, dynamic traffic assignment and its applications, dynamic O-D demand estimation, TDM strategies focusing on congestion pricing, emissions reduction strategies, alternative fuels, vehicles and fleet operations, and alternative transportation modes. Her dissertation titled “Tools to Support Transportation Emissions Reduction Efforts: A Multifaceted Approach” addressed three problem classes that tackle transportation emissions problems from multiple facets. Her past research include modeling large urban transportation networks and generating subarea networks and estimating OD demand for detailed analysis, transportation system redundancy analysis, analysis of ITS applications, such as congestion pricing, managed lanes (HOV/HOT lanes) and information provision in the context of Integrated Corridor Management. Her research was presented at several conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals such as Transportation Research Part -C and -E, EJOR, TRR. She received WTS (Women in Transportation Seminar) DC Chapter Doctoral Student Scholarship in 2007.