Transportation Policy Research Group


The Transportation Policy Research Group (TPRG) investigates solutions to complex problems raised by the interactions of transportation and land use. Working with state and local officials, the TPRG develops and applies analytic methods to better understand the ways that land use and transportation affect each other. Issues which the TPRG typically addresses include exploring methods of congestion relief, the use of multi-modal alternatives to reduce automobile dependency, and the impact of alternative land use patterns on the transportation system. The TPRG also examines land use and transportation impacts on the environment. With respect to these wide-ranging activities, the TPRG not only engages in analytical modeling and the development of policy alternatives, but also works with public officials and other stakeholders on policy implementation, ensuring that procedures developed in TPRG’s academic laboratory move smoothly from analysis to policy development and into practice. Most recently, TPRG has worked closely with the Maryland State Highway Administration and the Maryland Department of Transportation as well as relevant Federal government agencies on these and related issues.

TPRG Projects

Maryland Statewide Transportation Model
Maryland Scenario Project
A Framework for Megaregion Analysis: Development and Proof of Concept
Inclusion of Time-Dependent Networks in Maryland Statewide Transportation Model
Value of Travel Time Reliability in Transportation Decision Making: Proof of Concept—Maryland
An Integrated Framework for Modeling Freight Mode and Route Choice
Statewide Dynamic Traffic Routing for Transportation Planning: Maryland Case

TPRG Research

View the TPRG research papers and related transportation research here.


Yingling Fan Seminar on the Effects of Investments in Transit
NCSG Researchers Present Findings at TRB Annual Meeting
TPRG Researchers Receive Grant from Maryland State Highway Administration
Maryland Statewide Transportation Model Workshop 

TPRG Faculty

Fred Ducca, Director and Senior Research Scientist
Hiro Iseki, Assistant Professor
Sevgi Erdogan, Research Associate
Chao Liu, Research Associate
Yuchen Cui,  Ph.D. Assistant
Ting Ma, Ph.D. Assistant
Zuxuan Deng, Graduate Assistant
Di Yang, Graduate Assistant