TPRG Year 1 Reports

A. Model Enhancement and Development

A1: Developing Car Ownership Model.
A modeling framework to estimate car ownership (number and type of vehicles) at the household level for Maryland residents. Includes documentation on the development and estimation of this model(s), use for forecasting automobile purchasing and revenues related to auto ownership, and integration and use into the Maryland State Transportation Model (MSTM).

Automobile Ownership Model
Appendix A: Automobile Ownership Model Literature Review

A2: Incorporating Commuter Transit.
A statistical modeling framework for improving commuter rail in the MSTM and documentation on its development, incorporation, and use.

Incorporating Commuter Transit

A3: Accelerating Trip Assignment.
A report that explores the potential of the Dial algorithm for use in the MSTM.

Accelerated Highway Traffic Assignment Procedure

A4: Creating Feedbacks to a Land Use Model.
A report that describes the results of an exercise to identify the impacts of a major transportation investment on land development patterns.

Linking the Transportation Model to LEAM Land Use Model
Appendix A: Maryland Land Use and Impact Assessment Model

B. Transportation Finance

B1: Analysis of Transportation Finance Systems and Instruments in Other States.
Report on transportation financial systems across the US with a focus on selected pioneering states. The report offers recommendations for further analysis of specific financial tools that offer potential for use in Maryland.

A Context for Evaluating Transportation Funding Options
Appendix A: State Transportation Funding: A Review of Existing Revenue Sources

C. Transit Oriented Development

C1. Analysis Residential, Commercial, and Office Property Markets in Station Areas.

Employment Capacity in Transit Station Areas in Maryland
Appendix A: QCEW Clean-Up Methodology
Appendix B: Detailed Methodology for Estimating Employment Capacity in Maryland
Appendix C1: Tables and Maps: Station Area Results
Appendix C2: Tables and Maps: County Comparison Tables
Appendix C3: Tables and Maps: Station Buffer Maps
Appendix C4: Tables and Maps: Transit Line Results Maps
Appendix C5: Tables and Maps: Data by County (Excel File)